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Spanish Beginner Level Courses

Beginner level is aimed at new residents in the area or long-term residents willing to learn a new language that they can use in their daily life in Spain. Beginner Spanish groups 0 are starting in January 2020, the other beginner’s groups started some time ago but you can join them anytime. Just contact us for an assessment of your level.

Your Spanish tutor will help you to achieve your goal: just learn to speak through basic Spanish vocabulary, commonly used conversational phrases and expressions in bite-sized lessons.

Beginner Level – 0

Would you like to start with the basics? Introducing yourself, numbers, colours, directions…

Beginner Level – 1

Would you like to tell others about your hobbies and plans for the weekend and invite them to have a cup of coffee?

Beginner Level – 2

Would you like to be able to order in a restaurant or telling the doctor how you feel?

Join our language learning program to speak Spanish conversationally. Get ready for the real world with these two simple steps: Listen and repeat with the support of your teacher anytime you need help.

You can attend one, two or three groups and speed up your learning process whilst saving money. Beginner level 0 in Casas Blancas and San Javier can be combined, as well as, Beginner level 2 in Casas Blancas and La Torre.

Are you ready to pass to the Spanish Intermediate Level?