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Spanish-English Translation Services in Orihuela Costa and Murcia

We provide an excellent translation service that assists you to overcome your language barrier!

Our help ranges from letter writing to phone calls. Also, we do all types of translations; Spanish tax returns can be problematic and we can simplify the process, the important service of helping you to join the Spanish health system or help with house sales, purchases and rentals.

In short, we offer an exceptional service that covers all your concerns when arriving or living in Spain.

We are locals.

We know the rules.

Contact us!

Transport fee

The cost varies depending on the distance to the venue and if you need transport or not.

1) Meeting at the venue

Translation services Transport fee Cost

Please, ask for a quote for other locations

pick up and translation services

2) Pick up service from your home or preferred place

We are located in Casas Blancas (Sucina) and in Pilar de la Horadada.

Cost: 0,40€ per km

Non-official translation services and assistance

Translation fee: 20€

For repeat services, we offer a discounted rate.

1. Healthcare-Medical accompanying

Medical appointments, pre/post operation, association search, and support.

  • Medical issues can be put into place to provide you and your loved ones peace of mind
  • We will provide you with all the necessary up-to-date information

We care about you. Tell us what you need and we will be there to support you!

universal translations

2. Assistance with all the red tape!

Bureaucratic paperwork: official registration of your place of residence, similar to an electoral roll (empadronamiento), tax identification number (NIE), self-employment (autónomo), company registration, taxation, etc…

Are you moving to Spain and you do not know where to start? Paperwork is always tedious and even more in Spain. Being accompanied by a local will help you to use shortcuts and not to die trying.

When you are accompanied by a local who knows the system they can provide painless solutions.

house searching services

3. Property search

Advice on areas depending on your preferences and needs, online search of best offers in Spanish websites, viewings accompanying….why not make your funds go further with the excellent advice we provide?

Would you like to buy directly from Spanish owners saving Real Estate commissions? Buy directly from the owner! We have experience in this sector and we feel we can be of help. ??? In short – get the best deal!!

suplies contract in spain

4. Supply contract and services

Electricity, water, telephone, internet, furniture shopping, insurance, etc… Not all suppliers are the same…..use those who provide a quality service.

Do you need help to contract the electricity, water, telephone or other services for your new home in Spain? It is an easy process, sometimes it can be done online, we can assist you on skype. Let us help you!

It can prove a frustrating service for many….Let us sort these challenges for you – we can help you!

financial translation services

5. Banking

Opening a bank account, mortgage search, electricity, water and gas supplies direct debits…

rebuilding services

6. Rebuilding services

Builder, plumber, electrician, etc…

We can accompany you or we can recommend you the best company in the area. Wouldn’t you like not to listen again the famous “mañana” (tomorrow)?

We recommend services which are reliable rather than “mañana”

children schoolar registration

7. Child school registration

Selection of school centre, documents required, registration process (matriculación), documents to fulfill, teachers’ meetings, Spanish classes and activities

It is always important to have some references for the school where your kids will learn. Public, semi-public, and private, there are so many types of schools that it is difficult to choose one. We are here to help you!

Do you have difficulties communicating with your children’s teachers? Would you like to help your children to overcome language difficulties and to succeed in their studies in Spain? Contact us!

One of the most important decisions you will make is around education –

  • Finding the school that will meet your child’s needs
  • We can provide you with information regarding the ethos & success of the school
  • As a responsible parent, you will need access to school teachers -we can assist
  • The education system is a minefield – support your child using the excellent service available
  • We have a clear understanding of the UK education system and understand your concerns
business in Spanish from Spain

8. Business

International forums, trade shows, business meetings, negotiations, and business trips.

We have ten years of experience in international trade; we have been promoting products from Murcia worldwide. We can help you to import your products into Spain!

As a business owner, you may have recognised that the process differs in Spain.

We can guide you through the business maze including business meetings, potential customer’s phone calls, etc…

Certified translation services

legal document translation services

We collaborate with official translators in case you need to translate official documents.

We have official translators within our team, therefore all we need to know is your native tongue, and we will provide an accurate translation service. 

Our experienced and professional team is here to give you the best standard of service to provide the solution for you.