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KLOO’s Learn to Speak Spanish Language Card Game (Decks 1&2)

KLOO has turned learning a language into a multi-award winning game!

How to play this game?

Players make sentences and learn words in Spanish to score points. The longer the sentence and the more words you learn, the faster you score.

There is no need to be a language expert in order to play this language, so you can start playing like an absolute beginner – just be ready for how fast you pick up the language!

Within having played a few games, players effortlessly learn hundreds of words and how to make tens of thousands of sentences.

What is inside the box of this pack?

It contains two decks of KLOO cards (Decks 1 & 2).


Deck 1 contains useful Spanish words for making sentences around the theme “Clothing” and deck 2 around “Eating & Drinking”.

As players learn all the words in one deck, they move onto the next, building their vocabulary as they go. Within just a few games, players learn how to make thousands of sentences quickly and easily.

The pack comes complete with 2 decks, each containing different Spanish words, as well as Quick Start Rules for playing three KLOO games.


KLOO was designed by games experts and tested by teachers. Launched in 2010, in 2011 KLOO became an instant classic when it won the “Best Classic Toy” at the Dr. Toy Awards in the USA. In the UK KLOO won ToyTalk’s “Best Board and Card Game of the Year”.