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Spanish Lessons – Different uses of the Verb to be in Spanish: Ser y Estar

Spanish Lessons Verb To be in Spanish

Using the verb to be in Spanish could be quite complicated at first, but here you have some tips to learn how to use Ser and Estar depending on the situation.

Verb to be In Spanish: Ser & Estar

In Spanish, we use two different verbs for the verb to be: Ser and Estar. It can be a bit difficult at first but try to follow Susana´s explanation, and find out when and how to use both of them.

Are the videos to quick for you or do you not understand us?

If the videos are too quick for you, use the playback speed and captions buttons for slow motion and subtitles. It is advisable that you listen to Spanish people talking. If you are a complete beginner, join our Spanish Lessons and contact Susana for information 661 74 36 45.

Introducing Ser & Estar videos

VIDEO: 5 differences using the verb To be in Spanish

Listening activity: Who is Marcos? – ¿Quién es Marcos?

Are you learning Spanish? Now you should be able to say proudly ¡Estoy aprendiendo español!

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Let´s play “Adivina quién” to practise it a little bit

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Frases inglés-español 
Frases inglés-español 

Practise makes perfect

So… now you should try to use it as many times as possible until you become fluent, no? Come to practise with Spanish native speakers who are willing to help you solidify your new knowledge in our >> Off The Cuff Talks! <<

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