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Spanish Lessons – Useful Verbs in Spanish I

Quedar, coger, haber, estar, tener, ir – venir y llevar – traer

Useful Verbs in Spanish I

Are the videos to quick for you or do you not understand him?

If the videos are too quick for you, use the playback speed and captions buttons for slow motion and subtitles. It is advisable that you listen to Spanish people talking.

These are really important and useful verbs in Spanish that you can learn how to use in our Conversational Spanish Courses. Please, contact Susana for advising 661 74 36 45.


Voy a quedar con Rafa para tomar un café.

Example: I am going to meet up with Rafa for a coffee

Learn how to use the verb quedar (and quedarse) with this video:


Voy a coger un taxi para ir al aeropuerto

Example: I am going to take a taxi to the airport

This verb has lots of meanings in Spanish, so it is important to watch this video to learn them.

Do you know why you have to be very careful using the verb “coger” in Latin America? Find it out, it is really important!!!!

Get some exercises to practise here:

Haber, estar y tener

No doubt you are going to need these three verbs to talk Spanish, here is why:

Practise a little bit with these exercises online.

Ir – venir and llevar – traer

To use these verbs is confusing for English native speakers, we want to help you solve this problem with the following video:

And we recommend you to do some exercises to test if you have understood it right.

We hope you like this selection and that you feel confident using them next time we see face to face in the classes or in the Off The Cuff Talks… ¿Vas a venir al próximo encuentro?

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This is just a small example of what you can learn. Get the support of the best Spanish Tutor in the area, Susana Romero, and enjoy learning Conversational Spanish.

Yes, I want no know more!

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