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Spanish Lessons – Linking words to speak better Spanish

There are lots of linking words / phrases or conjuctions (conectores)

Use linking words and phrases to show relationships between ideas: Put some of them together, contrast them, or show the reason for something.

Linking words to speak better Spanish

Practise how to use linking words in our Conversational Spanish Courses and enlighten your Spanish to the maximum!

Some basic examples of linking words and phrases in Spanish

  • Antes que nada
  • En primer lugar
  • Primero
  • A continuación
  • En último lugar
  • Por último
  • Para concluir
  • Pero
  • Sin embargo
  • En cambio
  • No obstante
  • Porque
  • Por eso
  • Ya que
  • También
  • Además
  • Algo similar ocurre con…

If the videos are to quick for you or you do not understand them…

If the videos are too quick for you, use the playback speed and captions buttons for slow motion and subtitles. It is advisable that you listen to Spanish people talking. If you are a complete beginner, join our Spanish Lessons and contact Susana for information 661 74 36 45.

VIDEO: 14 conjuctions to speak better Spanish

Advances linking words and phrases in Spanish

  • Por consiguiente
  • De ahí que
  • Gracias a
  • Dado que
  • Debido a
  • Por culpa de
  • Siempre y cuando
  • Siempre que
  • A menos que

VIDEO: 8 advanced conjunctions

VIDEO: Some more examples

If you want to test or improve your level, practise a little bit with these >> exercises online <<.

We hope you like this three videos explaining the use of linking words and phrases in Spanish and that you feel confident using them next time we see face to face in our >> Spanish Conversational Courses << or in the >> Off The Cuff Talks <<

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