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SERVICES: Let us help you!

Passport 2 Talk is unique in many ways and provides different learning options for someone with similar requirements to you!

We think you will find what you need to enhance your Spanish experience – contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Learn languages talking and listening

Do you know some Spanish, but what you really want is to speak Spanish with your neighbours or in the supermarket, restaurant or bar?

Do you want to learn Spanish and speak it straightaway, but the idea of formal classes does not appeal to you?

Are you the type of person who wants to meet people, make friends from other cultures, play, laugh and speak Spanish with native speakers?

Now that you have tried Spanish courses, studied on your own, used text books and other methods but you still cannot have a conversation in Spanish -there is no need for further frustration! With our help, when you need to speak Spanish you will be able to do so without panicking.

Problem solved! Join us at PASSPORT 2 TALK


Do you want to practice Spanish with natives in a fun way? At Passport 2 Talk we organise everything you need at your fingertips. Conversation groups are adapted to your level, it is not just about Spanish classes, although materials are provided to assist.  The participants suggest interesting topics so that the sessions are entertaining for everyone.  If you are keen on a subject then the information is simple to remember.

 Talking about things that motivate you makes learning much easier!

If you need to improve your Spanish and confidence quickly regardless of your level of reading, writing or grammar: This learning experience is about making Spanish easy to learn in a fun way. You will progress, talk about things that matter to you and make new friends along the way.

It is a known fact that to speak Spanish well it is best to learn with a native. We provide you with our proven experience and the best learning situations.  In addition, you will benefit from learning from natives who live in the Murcia region who are willing to teach you their language and culture in return for learning from you. It is possible to tune your ear to different accents and tones to improve your ability as a Spanish speaker.

SEE YOU ON MONDAYS! 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 P.M. Vinissimo, Torre de la Horadada Location

Leave your information stating your group preference “Off the cuff Talks” using the questionnaire. You will receive updates by email HERE


Whether your Spanish is simply a ‘gracias’ with a smile, or you studied 20 years ago and need a refresher we have a place and an option to suit you. In San Javier before our language exchange we have Spanish classes with Susana. She can help build your language confidence through use of our materials.  ‘Poco a poco’ you can then start using everything you know in the exchange classes and showing off your new Spanish speaking skills.


Leaving your info stating your preferences eg.”classes”, language level, availability and reason for wanting to learn Spanish HERE you will receive updates by email.

Learning languages by doing new things, travelling, discovering what Murcia has to offer and really LIVING!

Would you like to learn commonly used Spanish expressions, or maybe words to do with a hobby or special interest?

Would you prefer to do all this whilst having fun chatting with Spanish people?

You’re in luck! Come join us and learn Spanish simply by living!


Are you learning Spanish? Do you want to make the most of what Murcian life has to offer?

If the answer is YES, then we can offer you a perfect fun outing to meet people and socialize in a totally bilingual way. Finding out more about Spanish culture, traditions, way of thinking and all those queries that you have about the Spanish way of doing things.

So therefore, we arrange activities for you so you can mix with people from other nationalities. This way you can learn a language whilst doing something interesting or fun. Watching the fishermen, traditional grape treading for making wine, cooking a typical Murcian ‘Caldero’, together, going grocery shopping. Allowing you to learn commonly used Spanish phrases whilst having fun!

For more information about our activities: info@passport2talk or +34 661 74 36 45

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If you are learning Spanish, then you will love learning about the region of Murcia too!

Murcia is a beautiful destination that offers beaches, great food, wineries, workshops, nature, history and culture, nautical sports, thermal spas, golf, and much more!

Tourist guides and Spanish members are available to accompany you whilst discovering the beauty of this fabulous area. There are always lots of opportunities to learn more Spanish, if you wish.

For more information about our activities: info@passport2talk or +34 661 74 36 45

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Do you want to discover other countries with Spanish speakers? When we go away we love it when someone who knows the area like ‘the back of their hand’ shows us the best spots. Places that you wouldn’t find with a tourist guide! What do you think? On top of that, having some Spanish travel buddies who are English learners is the perfect language exchange!

The duration of overseas events are tailored to your requirements.  Tell us where you’d like to go and we can provide a language exchange experience to remember.

For more information: info@passport2talk or +34 661 74 36 45

Simply let us know your preferences eg.”Discover the World”. Leave your contact details including destination, availability and we will respond to tailor this service to your requirements HERE.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to just be able to learn any language without even trying! Until that day arrives we can give you a hand. Whether you want help with speaking a language, or you’re just trying to learn from the start – Passport 2 Talk can help because that’s what we do!


We provide an excellent translation service that assists you to overcome your language barrier!

Our help ranges from letter writing to phone calls;  house sales, purchases and rentals. Spanish tax returns can be problematic and we can simplify the process.  A key service of helping you to join the Spanish health system is an important requirement.

In short, we offer an excellent service that covers all your concerns when arriving or living in Spain:

We are locals. We know the rules!

Please, contact us: +34 661 74 36 45 or describing in detail how we can be of help and we will respond as soon as possible.


If you want to get to know people and make new friends whilst learning Spanish for free… then this is the opportunity for you!  Get involved with local projects and help your community whilst learning a new language or by helping someone else do the same.  Your Spanish will improve each time you help someone in need or even every time you help the planet.

Get fit, while making a cleaner environment for everyone!

We love the idea so much that we have integrated it into our intercultural activities.

Join our Make a Better World – WhatsApp group where we publish this type of activities.