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Spanish Lessons – Verb Tenses: Present

A quick review of the tenses that we have studied already in >> class <<

Verb Tenses Present

Present Tense – Presente

Cada día desayuno zumo de naranja y tostadas


Are the videos to quick for you or do you not understand us?

If the videos are too quick for you, use the playback speed and captions buttons for slow motion and subtitles. It is advisable that you listen to Spanish people talking. If you are a complete beginner, join our Spanish Lessons and contact Susana for advising 661 74 36 45.

VIDEO: Spanish conjugation animated explanation video

Learn how to conjugate the verbs ser, ir, and regular ar, er and ir verbs in Spanish, explained in an animated video with optional subtitles.

VIDEO: Regular Present in Spanish “Tapas de español”

As you already know, there are regular and irregular verbs. Let see the regulars with this video that includes exercises to practise – Level A1.

Get some exercises to practise > here >> here <<

VIDEOS: Irregular Present in Spanish “Tapas de Español”

Presente irregular en español (1/2) – Spanish Irregular Verbs in Present Tense:

Get some exercises in this > link >> link <<

Presente irregular en español (2/2) – Spanish Irregular Verbs in Present Tense

Online > exercises >> exercises <<

VIDEO: Verbs (regulares/ irregulares) “Hoy hablamos ”

Explanation of the more frequent uses of Presente de Indicativo in Spanish, conjugation and examples.

Written material related to verbs

List of more common verbs and conjugations

Follow this link to find out the most common verbs in Spanish and their conjugations in >> Linguasorb <<.

Conjugation of verbs (tenses)

Look for all the conjugations of any verb in >> Wordreference <<

Tip: type “conj amar” in your address bar for the fastest conjugations!

Some exercises to practise Regular Verbs Conjugations

Remember what we always say: Practise makes perfect! So here you have some exercises on the web of >> Spanish Unicorn << to do it.

Present: Reflexive verbs.

Normalmente, yo me levanto a las 8.

Reflexive verb example: Levantarse – Get up

Take a look at this video of Escuela de Español. Basic level

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