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Spanish Lessons – Verb Tenses: Future

You have to use the future tense to tell what “will” happen, or what “shall” happen. For example: I will go to the beach next month

Verb Tenses Future

Are you making plans and you want to be able to tell others? Enroll in our Conversational Spanish Courses to get used to use future tense.

Future (Futuro)

In Spanish, we have different ways of speaking about actions that will take place in the future: Future Simple, ir a + infinitive and present simple

Future using Present Simple

You can use present simple if it is a programmed activity:

Mañana voy al supermercado a las nueve.

Example of Future using Present Simple

Future using “Ir a + infinitive”

It is used to talk about something you want to do in the future:

Mañana voy a ir al supermercado.

Example of Future using “Ir a + infinitive”

Future using Future simple

Use it if you are going to talk about something that will happen probably

Si no estoy muy cansada, mañana iré al supermercado.

Example of Future using Future simple

Is the video to quick for you or do you not understand it?

If this video is too quick for you, use the playback speed and captions buttons for slow motion and subtitles. It is advisable that you listen to Spanish people talking. If you are a complete beginner, join our Spanish Lessons and contact Susana for info 661 74 36 45.

VIDEO: Different uses of future in Spanish

Now you should be ready to say in Spanish what are you planning to do in the future. Come to practise with Spanish native speakers who are willing to help you solidify your new knowledge in our >> Off The Cuff Talks! <<

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